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The school works regularly towards exams and the syllabus covers a wide range which you can read more about below. Pupils range from 18 months - 60 years. 

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Our aim is to develop and promote each individuals talent.

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Twinkle Toes

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18months - 4yrs

This is a beginner class aimed at our youngest pupils. The goal is to develop a sense of rhythm, balance and coordination to music through movement and physical participation. The class is a relaxed and fun environment so that children learn and develop basic skills.

The class will incorporate basic ballet movements, simple tap techniques, singing & role play/drama. It is wonderful for children's development, to be a part of an interactive environment surplus to nursery before they start school.

Star Gems

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4yrs+ - 7/8yrs

Star Gems is a natural progression from our Twinkle Toes class or a perfect first class for children in the recommended age range.

The class combines several dance disciplines and musical theatre in a 90 min session. The class is structured to teach technique through syllabus work in preparation for exams and to equip pupils with desirable performance skills for shows and competitions.


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Grade 1: 5 yrs+, Grade 2: 7yrs+, Grade 3: 9yrs+, Grade 4/5: 14yrs+ & Inter - Major: 15yrs+

Our Cecchetti style ballet syllabus combined with RAD & ISTD work is integrated throughout our grades. Grade 1 is a fulfilling and challenging syllabus whilst a perfect introduction to technique for beginners and school age children. All Grades thereafter, build on techniques enabling the pupil to develop the core strength, alignment, musicality/expression and flexibility to progress to Pointe work and Lyrical classes. The disciplined barre work throughout each grade enhances this development and encourages individual excellence. Pointe work & Inter-Major Ballet classes are for those pupils invited to participate once they have shown the necessary skills.


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Junior/Intermediate: 6 yrs+, Senior: 12yrs+ or Grade 4+, Advanced: 15yrs+ or Grade 5+

American Tap syllabus is taught to an examination level appropriate for each class. In the Junior/Intermediate classes, pupils cover free work and rhythmic responses that enhance style & technique whilst covering Grade 1 - 3 syllabus.

The Senior Tap class, (equiv. to American Tap Grade 4 and above/English Grade 6) is designed for the more experienced tapper who can demonstrate fluidity and precision in their footwork. Advanced Tap is quick, expressive and requires excellent response to complex rhythms. A lot of experience is required and demonstrated at this level as students prepare for their final exams in the syllabus.


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Grade 1: 5 yrs+, Senior: 12yrs+

Our Jazz classes cover a wide-range of styles including; traditional Jazz, street, hip-hop & cheerleading. Pupils get the opportunity to develop strong technique through the medal syllabus whilst challenging choreography and flexibility is incorporated in the dances which are performed to inspiring music.

Our Junior/Intermediate Classes are aimed at the beginners level where pupils will work towards Bronze & Silver Medal Level. Our Senior classes become far more challenging as flexibility plays a big part. Commercial styles are introduced at this level and classes are strong, vibrant and very structured. At advanced level, the pupils prepare for 'heel work' so that they can experience dancing like a professional dancer whilst performing challenging choreography and styles from west end musicals.


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Based on a combination of techniques, contemporary is a class to build strength, core stability & expressive body language through emotional connections with music. It is a great class as children begin to reach an age where they can begin to explore connecting emotions with their movement.

We currently have 1 contemporary class and the participants must have reached at least Grade 3 Level in Ballet. This creates a great environment for many students of various ages to come together with more experienced dancers and to be able to share and express ideas & techniques.


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Flex 1: 4 - 8yrs, Flex 2: 11yrs+

Our Flexibility classes are designed to maximise individual flexibility through competitive stretches and acrobatic skills.

Floor work and tumbling is incorporated in these classes whilst focussing on individual technique and development in maintaining a strong, flexible body which will enhance other dance disciplines and help in achieving becoming that desirable cheerleader or triple threat dancer!

Show Class

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Invite Only

Pupils who display strong technique, enthusiasm and ability in multiple dance disciplines (ballet/tap and jazz) and show singing/drama potential are invited to join. In these classes we typically focus on learning skills and choreography for performances & competitions both nationally & internationally.

If a child shows a strong interest/desire to go into the performing arts industry as a career, they should definitely consider working towards this class as a way of obtaining professional experience whilst being given the opportunity to prepare for auditions. This class covers all dance disciplines as well as singing, musical theatre and drama.


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Group and individual singing classes are offered at BSSD. The classes build confidence & technique through classical training and breathing exercises whilst focussing on diction and punctuation. Every student is encouraged throughout their training to reach their full potential through pitch and individual range. We love teaching harmonies, and pupils will learn a range of inspiring songs from the musical theatre, classical, jazz and Pop world.

If you want to enquire about individual classes please get in touch.


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Our Adult class takes place on the 1st/3rd and 5th Wednesday of every calendar month. It is a 90 min. class and we focus on the three main dance disciplines (ballet/tap/jazz). A typical class would comprise of a warm up followed by technique and then learning a 16/32 bar routine in Tap Ballet/Jazz often associated with a particular decade of music. finishing off with some pilates exercises on the mat.

All levels are welcome, whether you are looking to continue those younger years of training or looking to have dancing as a form of exercise. All that is needed is enthusiasm, a love of dancing and two feet!

Private Classes

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Any Ages

Individual/Private Lessons are available and can be arranged to support any pupils looking to; enhance their technique ahead of an exam, prepare choreography for festivals/ competitions, to support GCSE & A-Levels dance, audition technique for Dance colleges and professional work.

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